The biggest software project I’ve been involved with is MOSFiT: the Modular Open Source Fitter for Transients. This code allows users to construct and fit semi-analytic light curve models to transient data, and is optimised for use with the Open Supernova Catalog

MOSFiT is available on Github, can easily be installed in Python using pip or conda, and is fully documented.

A paper describing the code is coming very soon, and the first results are presented in this paper.

This page also contains a few Python scripts that I’ve written and use a lot in my research. These are provided free for anyone who might find them useful!

Reduce FITS images using astropy tasks:

Carry out point-spread function fitting photometry:

Construct a bolometric light curve from a multicolour photometric time-series:
superbol.py3 (Python 3.5 version)


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