Research Group

Current and former group members at Queen’s and Birmingham

Aysha Aamer (PhD) studies superluminous supernovae to work out what kinds of stars produce these incredibly powerful explosions

Samantha Oates (postdoctoral fellow) is an expert on gamma-ray burst afterglows and is finding new kinds of transients in the ultraviolet

Paige Ramsden (PhD) analyses the host galaxies and stellar populations surrounding massive black holes, and the transients they cause

Evan Ridley (PhD) researches the disruptions of stars by supermassive black holes and the diversity of transients in the centres of galaxies

Xinyue Sheng (PhD) is building a machine learning classifier to rapidly identify rare types of transients in the biggest all-sky surveys


Ben Gompertz (postdoctoral fellow – now faculty at University of Birmingham) uses multi-wavelength and multi-messenger signals to understand the mergers of neutron stars and black holes


The group at the University of Birmingham in 2022